Thursday, November 28, 2013

Gratitude on a day of Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving Angel friends,today is the day we  as a country gather with friends and family to profess our love for each other and gratitude and thank firmness for all that we have and aspire to attain. When can we begin to reflect we indeed have many reasons to express Gratitude.

I personly express my Gratitude in the form of a daily prayer, in fact even when I am a bit stress or when something might not have gone as well as I have expected. This is the most challenging time to express Gratitude, by I am making it my personal life goal to continue to find a way to thank God for my blessings and express Gratitude.

If you need help to get started there are many books to look thru if you need a bit of a push. A few years ago a guest names Jackie gave me the book Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathmach. I recall hearing about the book on Oprah, and was some what familiar with it, by never purchased my own copy. In addition to the book Oprah spoke about creating a Gratitude Journal.

Reading the book Simple Abundance is a great way to start your journey towards thankfulness. Profess daily or if you have the time purchase a journal for writing down your thoughts of thankfulness and Gratitude.

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