Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Pope brings hope to Christians

Pope Francis a Jesuit priest from Argentina know as the former Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio the son of an Italian immigrant has been elected as the new Pope and spiritual leader of the Catholic Church. As a priest in Argentina Pope Francis spent his life's work helping the poor. Appearing humble Dan a bit surprised by. The massive crowds seem to have already been won over, taking the name of the patron saint of Italy St Francis of Assisi It is great that a Latino was selected, Catholics are extremely dedicated to their faith, something yiu really don't see in this country. During religious events Pilgrims literally crawl for miles during worship services and are very dedicated, devout and pious. A new face and voice to aid the worlds poor, sick and homeless is much needed. We as a world need to be more humble to the needs of those who have so little and are so dependent on charity of worlds wealthy and powerful nations We as Christian need to pray for world peace, end to homelessness, world hunger and the violence of war. In God name amen. If you happen to stumble across the Angel at Rose Hall during a bed and breakfast and wedding chapel search in Eureka Springs give us visit the Angel at Rose Hall,a Eureka Springs Bed and Breakfast and Eureka SpringsWedding Chapel,plan your Eureka Springs vacation now,the Angel at Rose Hall is the best place for Eureka Springs lodging and Eureka Springs Weddings.a call.

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