Monday, January 21, 2013

Special Day in America

Today America not only will celebrate Martin Luther KIng Day , but will also celebrate the second Presidential term of Barack Obama. I am sure many of the talking heads have attempted to answer whether Dr King would be satisfied with the progress or lack of progress we as a nation have made to try to end racism and segregation. Washington will be preparing for the spectacle of a presidential inauguration. But President Barack Obama’s second inaugural will be smaller than the first than the first inaugural of Barack Obama which drew crowd, as large as 1.8 million people Obama’s public swearing in this time will be on January 21, one day after the start of his second term because that day will fall on a Sunday. This inauguration is likely to attract a smaller crowd -- forecast at between 600,000 and 800,000 people. Yet, Army Major General Errol Schwartz, commander of the 6,000 National Guard soldiers who will manage the crowds, says preparations have not changed. “Even though the crowd set is smaller, we are still looking at what are the possibilities that may occur within the smaller crowds,” he explained. Washington’s big event will still be just that. After the president is sworn in, gives his speech and attends a Congressional luncheon, the Presidential Inaugural Committee takes over. all
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