Monday, December 17, 2012

Angelic Fascination

Angel Statue (Putrfaction) (Tiquetonne2067) Tags: portrait sculpture friedhof cemeteries green art beautiful cemetery grave graveyard statue angel dark photography death scary wings artwork heaven artistic god graveyards ange headstone faith prayer religion cementerio tomb tombstone gothic statues skulptur graves christian creepy spooky escultura angels gravestone demon christianity angelo cemitrio engel protection estatua perelachaise guardian standbeeld dieu demons esttua  tombe cimitero prelachaise scultura cimetire tombeau ailes  cementerios  cimiteri  cimetires  Like many of you I have a interest in Angels. For those of you who share my interest this is what I discovered. There are several orders of Angels. Each having their own place in Gods creation.

The Seraphim. This is the highest order. These are angels of “divine” fire, love and light. They all hold the unveiled light of God. Next to God they are the most light filled beings in creation. The Seraphim look different to other angels has they have six wings and constantly sing the “Trisagion” which is a hymn of praise to God which translates as “Holy, Holy, Holy”.
The Cherubim. The next highest order to God. The Cherubim hold the energy of the sun, moon and the stars. They are vast cosmic beings.
The Thrones. These angels are always in the presence of God. They carry the energy of God in the form of divine justice. They also allow the will of God to be known to the ministering angels.

 The Dominions.These angels are sometimes called Dominations lords or lordships. They oversee the lower ranked angels and act as a channel for Gods love through the energy of mercy. This is also the level where Spiritual and Physical realms begin to merge.

The Virtues.These angels use the law of nature to work miracles upon this earth. They pass huge amounts of grace and valour to human beings that might need inspiration and courage. It is also believed that two Virtues accompanied Jesus when he made his ascension into heaven. The Virtues also acted as birthing companions to Eve when she gave birth to Cain.

The Powers.These angels are known as the “karmic lords”. They protect our souls and are keepers of the “Akashic Records”. They are also very important as part of their role is to keep the demons under control. The Powers will use their energy so that the demons cannot overthrow the world. They are also seen as “Angels of Death and Re Birth”. They guard the pathways to heaven and guide any lost souls back onto the path of heaven.

The Principalities.They are the Guardians of Nations. These angels watch over cities, towns, villages and any sacred place. It is said that Archangel Michael is a principality of Israel. They are also believed to guide religions and religious leaders to the path of truth and they work with our guardian angels to inspire us.

The Archangels.These are also referred to as the “ruling angels”. They are perfect in form and their form is one of great beauty. They keep a record of every incarnation of all human beings. Archangels operate on many different levels at once since they are messengers bearing divine decrees.
The Angels.There are millions of angels and they all help in different ways. They guard all physical things and people.  Angels bring cosmic energy and beauty into our lives. There are angels for love, joy, courage, peace, hope, faith, freedom and harmony. Angel at Rose Hall
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