Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Use Caution went venturing in the Wild

If you are planning venture out in the WILD while here in North West Arkansas, please remember to be aware of ticks according to a Huntsville Doctor , there has been increased Cases of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever -- A Huntsville doctor is hoping to get the word out about an increase he’s seeing in local cases of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Dr. Tom Whiting, with the Madison County Medical Clinic has found four presumed cases of RMSF in just over a week. That is a radical increase from what he’s used to seeing. Whiting has been practicing medicine in Madison County for 10 years and worked in Springdale for 30 years, and he said, normally, he might diagnose one case every two or three summers. According to the Centers for Disease Control, Arkansas is one of five states (also Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee) that account for 60 percent of RMSF cases each year in the U.S. The disease is caused by a bacterium, but is spread via tick bites. It is marked by flulike symptoms, including fever, achy joints, headache, abdominal pain, and vomiting. If untreated, the disease could be fatal by causing internal bleeding and a shutdown of pulmonary functions. Plan to visit the Angel at Rose Hall,a Eureka Springs Bed and Breakfast and Eureka SpringsWedding Chapel,plan your Eureka Springs vacation now,the Angel at Rose Hall is the best place for Eureka Springs lodging and Eureka Springs Weddings.

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