Saturday, June 30, 2012

June the month for Weddings in Eureka Springs

The Wedding Day has arrived, the most important event in a Victorian girl's life. It is the day her mother has prepared her for from the moment she was born. The Victorian girl knew no other ambition. She would marry, and she would marry well. The wedding itself and the events leading up to the ceremony are steeped in ancient traditions still evident in Victorian customs. One of the first to influence a young girl is choosing the month and day of her wedding. June has always been the most popular month, for it is named after Juno, Roman goddess of marriage. She would bring prosperity and happiness to all who wed in her month. Practicality played a part in this logic also. If married in June, the bride was likely to birth her first child in Spring, allowing her enough time to recover before the fall harvest.
June also signified the end of Lent and the arrival of warmer weather. That meant it was time to remove winter clothing and partake in one's annual bath. April, November and December were favored also, so as not to conflict with peak farm work months. October was an auspicious month, signifying a bountiful harvest. May, however, was considered unlucky. "Marry in May and rue the day," an old proverb goes. But "Marry in September's shine, your living will be rich and fine." Who knew?
As any Bride can a test, weddings have changed a bit. Women marry for love and in most cases have their own ability to work and earn money.  Brides at the Angel at Rose Hall are genereally searching for elegance, personal attention, and some one to but it all together for them with flair. This June has been no difference for us.  We have ushered our Brides down the aisle to many happy Groom and smiling family looking on. Ifwe can help you with your special event please let us know.. As always we are here for you all. Angel at Rose Hall Eureka Springs vacation,call the Angel at Rose Hall,your Eureka Springs Bed and Breakfast and your Eureka Springs Wedding Chapel. The best palce in town for Eureka Springs Lodging and Eureka Springs Weddings.

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