Saturday, June 2, 2012

Eureka Springs and Buffalo River Valley

There are many day trips one could easily take while vacationing here in Eureka Springs.  Surrounding area is fairly well forested and with a wide variety of hardwoods.  Eureka Springs and Northwest Arkansas is undeveloped and many surprises from nature await. Winding streets carvea gentle path thru a valley full of beautiful vistas and secluded park like settings. Just a short trip from Eureka Springs is the Buffalo River Valley
The Buffalo River, America's first national river, begins its 132-mile tumble down toward the White River in the upper Ponca wilderness, some of the most remote and rugged country in the Ozarks. This stretch of the river is not suitable for floating, has little access and is mostly seen only be dedicated hikers. But the river reaches the historic Boxley Valley and begins a peaceful meandering that stretches the length of the long, narrow break in the hills before it begins its magnificent sweeps around the high limestone bluffs for which it is famous.
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