Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Thorncrown Chapel turns 32

Thorncrown turns 32 Years, a dream of retired school teacher, Jim Reed. In 1978 Jim enlisted the help of renowned architect E. Fay Jones to design a place of worship for the visitors to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The result was a forty-eight foot tall wooden structure with 425 windows which was completed in 1980 Walking into the chapel you immediately feel a sense of peace and wonder. It felt like you are worshipping in the outdoors with the trees surrounding you completel. 2006 AIA Twenty-five Year Award for architectural design that has stood the test of time; the 1990 AIA Gold Medalist; a national AIA Honor Award in 1981 and being listed fourth on the AIA's Top 10 list of 20th-century structures.
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