Thursday, April 19, 2012

Underground Tour of Eureka Springs Gets REVIEWS

The newest attration in town is the  Eureka Springs underground Tour,for some thye my think this is just another attraction, but in here in Eurkea Springs a place in which history was well recorded.The city of  Eureka Springs survived after the famous mud slide in Main Street by building on top of the slide. Just below the many feet of mud were city building that could not be properly excavated, with the lax of modern day building and excavating equipment. However along with the mud a city perfectly preserved by mud lay still and awaiting exploration. In addition learn about Eureka Springs most famous resident Carrie Amelia Moore Nation (November 25, 1846 - June 9, 1911) was a member of the temperance movement, which opposed alcohol in pre-Prohibition America. She is particularly noteworthy for promoting her viewpoint through vandalism. On many occasions Nation would enter an alcohol-serving establishment and attack the bar with a hatchet.

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