Monday, March 26, 2012

Explore the Springs of Eureka Springs

Tonight was the perfect evening for a romantic spring walk through town. with furry Bella in hand we took a walk down town,past the Cresent Springs, the sound of gushing water made music to our ears while the smell of sweet spring flower filled our senses. According to --The Eureka Chronicles by June Westphal The city of Eureka is covered with springs, there are several adorable springs, Ghotto, Cresent, Harding, Magnetic, Basin and Sweeting that are worth the visit. For us it is a daily ritual to walk by each and every day and listen carefully to the soft sound of water in the spring below. "There is a story, very popular with the health-seekers camped around the spring they called The Basin, that Sioux Indians brought the young daughter of a great Chieftan to the Spring in search of healing. She suffered from an eye affliction which had taken away her sight, and the people were deeply saddened that such a fate should befall their beloved little princess. The young girl bathed her eyes in the waters, and within a short time her eyesight was fully restored, to the great joy of her people who told the story far and wide until it reached the ears of the first white men exploring the region."
So there you have it, many still select Eureka Springs for spiritual and physical healing today. The town is filled with massage spa, and bath houses.
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