Monday, March 12, 2012

Eureka Springs Break

Take a break this Spring in Eureka.  Great idea I say.  With the early spring season the town is a burst with color and the smell of sweet spring air.  Spring plants, have begun to cover the town. Just today I spotted my first bradford pear tree, just love those, first in the springs and the last in the fall. My guess is the redbud will start any day, already I have seen a bright purple mist surround the redbud trees.
Ok, once you get here, then what?  Maybe a brisk walk down town and do a bit shopping, there Wild Blue Yonder, Nelson Leather, at great place for those new Clark sandals you have been wanting. Walk across the street to Twiceborn for cool Christian tees and then over to Zarks for a gallery stroll, then up to Local Flavor for lunch. Maybe a massage at Healthworks after lunch what do you think.
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  1. Stood at the Angel at Rose Hall. All I can say it was one of the best places I have stayed at. I also saw some cool christian shirts at twice born



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