Friday, November 4, 2011

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Opening Day: Nov. 11
Crystal Bridges celebrates the American spirit through art in a setting that unites the power of art with the beauty of landscape. The 201,000-square-foot complex of retro-futuristic buildings designed by Moshe Safdie is set on 120 acres of forest and gardens, and it bridges a pair of ponds fed by nearby Crystal Spring. It may be remote, but with an $800 million endowment given by the Walton Family Foundation, Crystal Bridges promises to alter the landscape of art in America. When planning your Eureka Springs vacation give the Angel at Rose Hall a call,your Eureka Springs Bed and Breakfast and your Eureka Springs Weddings Chapel, the best place for Eureka Springs Lodging and Eureka Springs wedding.


  1. So glad I found your lovely blog, have been reading and reading! I live just "down the road" from you near Rogers. So thrilled that Crystal Bridges opening is finally here... I too blogged about it recently... come over for a visit~

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