Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Eurkea Springs host Easter Parade

So put on your Easter Bonnets on and prepare for a parade Eureka Springs style. If you are looking for a Eureka Springs Bed and Breakfast or a Eureka Springs Wedding Chapel while in your Eureka Springs, the Angel at Rose Hall is walking distance from the Parade route.

On April 8, 2012, Easter Sunday, noon to 1 p.m., The EasterBelles will present their second EasterBelle Parade in Eureka Springs, rolling along the Historic Loop from the Gavioli Chapel to the Crescent Hotel. The parade will honor women, springtime, fashion and culture of the times, and will help raise awareness of the local chapter of Womenade.

Participation in the parade requires membership in The EasterBelles, acquired by making a donation of any amount to the local chapter of Womenade, an organization founded in 2001 on the friendship and generosity of women and benefitting women and families.

The parade celebrates women, although fashionably dressed men may stroll or drive, and children in fashions may stroll or ride along. Parade participants' choice of conveyance is either horse-drawn carriage or convertible automobile.

For more information or to join, contact Eureka Springs EasterBelles’ founder and organizer, Cne' Breaux at 703-400-6090, or email ESEasterBelles@gmail.com.

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