Sunday, January 16, 2011

Traditional Chinese Wedding

As Americana's we rarely consider that most of the Brides in the world do not wear white.  During the many years that I have hosted well over a 1000 weddings at the Angle at Rose Hall, a Eureka Springs wedding destination.  I had the pleasure to host weddings for Brides from many foreign countries. 
The most recent was from China, this Bride selected to wear a white gown, but then after the wedding changed into a traditional  “Qi Pao”, made of red silk and decorated in silver and gold, this Bride who wish to have the look of an American Bride also wished to honor her traditional Chinese heritage. The Groom will traditionally wear black silk coat over silk robe.
In China Red symbolizes Good Luck,Strength and will ward off evil Spirits. Where as the color White in China symbolizes Death. After the Wedding event held at the Angel at Rose Hall, the Bride and Groom plan to visit China and renew there vows in a Traditional Chinese Wedding. A wedding in China varies greatly from what occurs here in America, no only do the Chinese host a traditional ceremony for the Bride and Groom, there will also be a Wedding Tea Ceremony, Wedding Banquet and and Lion Performance at the Reception.

Contemporary Chinese Wedding Banquet

Chinese Lion Peformance at Wedding Reception

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