Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Royal Wedding renews public interest

When a member of the Royal Family decides to wed, the announcement is a world wide event. Take Prince William and Kate Middleton.  the announcement stopped the world. Another handsome young couple preparing to begin their lives together. Prince Williams engagement reminds us of the wedding of his Mother Diana Spencer to his father Prince Charles.
July 29, 1981, was one of the largest wedding events of the century. Diana arrived in a glass coach fit for a princess, a gown with a 25 foot train. Like the decade of the 1980's everything was big, the gown , the ring and of course the event..750,000,000 million viewers watched the event.
The British Royal family is famous for the weddings that they have held. This wedding was no difference.
After the wedding the couple rides though the streets of London, most likely this is when the world began to fall in love with Diana.The public and the royal family share a special connection. The day was a fairy tale, yet the divorce and early death of  Diana was a sad and unexpected ending.
Yet in contrast this latest Royal nuptials bring a renewed hope for the Royals and for weddings.
Weddings bring happiness and joy and a renewed sense of fresh beginnings. We at the Angel at Rose Hall embrace weddings and all of the eternal joy that the brings. We are here to help with your special day and your Eureka Springs vacation.

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