Monday, January 31, 2011

Prince William and Kate Middleton unite this Springs

As we all know by now Prince William and Kate Middleton will marry this spring.  All the added hoopla will hopefully help the British economy.  All those tourist hopping over the pond to witness a Royal wedding.  How exciting.

But ,will this big shot in the arm for getting married actually help to increase weddings in Britain and in the United States.  Yes, how romantic, both are charmingly lovely to look at, soft on the eyes.

But with the current trend,weddings on the decline, will this most "Royal " wedding actually cause we non-royal to consider marriage?
As the hopeless  romantic I will most certainly watch the wedding, to take place at Westminster Abbey.  Wedding are feel go reminders of what is wonderful in life and we certainly can all use that this. We here at the Angel at Rose Hall are busy preparing for the Springs Wedding season we still have a few openings so call.

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