Sunday, January 16, 2011

Nontraditional Wedding Ideas

With the Springs Wedding Season a few months away, I would say it is time to tie up those lose ends and make final decisions on you wedding gown, theme and colors for your Wedding Event.  We here at the Angel at Rose Hall, are of course here to help and advise you with answers to your question and to help you plan you Eureka Springs Wedding.
I often get questions from Bride regarding Non Traditional Wedding Gowns Non Traditional themes and colors for their weddings. Some Brides will select wedding Gown , where they have the opportunity to add color to the gown, Maybe a white or cream gown with a colored sash, or even bolder, a solid color gown. I have Brides who have selected solid color gowns from the yellow to a metallic gray cocktail style dress. 
I have hosted themed events from Scottish inspired weddings, with bag pipes, a groom in a kilt and a Bride wearing a white gown laced up with a green plaid Madras silk ribbon. To a Pirate Themed event, filled with guests wearing costumes and holding Pirate swords.
The Bride should set the tone. Red indeed can be the color of love when the Bride decides to wear red, I have had a few Brides select Red to be the color of their wedding gown, in fact their is an entire movement in the wedding world, where brides who love the color red , wear just that.  Now there is an inspiration idea for you.
What ever is your theme, select your idea, and be constant with it. Don't over do it, remember "Less is sometimes more"


  1. Thank you very much dear for these brilliant Wedding Ideas. I am getting married at local DC wedding venues and wanted to use theme in my wedding. Now I would love to use one of these ideas for my special day.

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