Friday, January 7, 2011

New Years Start

How to start your New Years off right.  I am always trying to think of way to advise and help others to make the most of their life.
*Reconnect with an old friend. Call, email, text, fax,or write a letter. To some one in your life you have not spoke with while. 
*Start an exercise program, ok, I understand the challenge here with this one, but start out simple.  Maybe just a walk around your neighborhood or complex.  Walking is the safest form of exercise.
*Begin each day with a smile, yes you be the coworker that is so happy and helpful.  Go out of your way to be pleasant and happy. Happiness is really infecious
*Be more spontaneous, brake out of your planned and predictable self.  Be open to the unexpected and act upon it.
*Reconnect with your spouse, plan a weekend to get a way,just the two of you, no kids, no dog, no cell phones, contact us here at the Angel at Rose Hall we will help you plan your special Eureka Springs vacation.

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