Saturday, January 8, 2011

A New Years Gratitude

Each New Year I take out and write in my journal , and review my New Years list of resolutions and goals for that year.
Reflect how my life may have followed my Plan of Resolution, change and improvement,or in some cases not.
Then I begin my new list for the year.  Thinking  deeply of what matters the most to me, how do I want to approach this year of new beginnings. 
It seems to me that re-reading my old lists creates a level of satisfaction.  Those issues that were so important to me in the past have quietly slipped away. How could that ever be? Issues that controled my life have disapperaed.
As I reflect on the past through my writtings I notice I have replace these issues with the joy of gratitude. How thankful I am for good health, a wonderful family, blessed friends, a great business.  God has unexpceted way of turning and changing the direction and focus on our life. Looking for an opportunity to relax and reflect vist Angel at Rose Hall,your Eureka Springs destiantion.  Lets us pamper you with on of our many relaxing and fun.Packages. Plan to take that time away form all of the craziness in your life and focus on whta is important to you.
READINGS: Gratitude book., Soulful LivingCreate Space. The Power of Gratitude,Spititual Pratices: GratitudeDeepak Chopra

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