Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year Traditions

New Year celebration stem from ancients man's means to celebrate "Harvest".  Whether it was fruit or grain, the end of a growing season had ended and hopefully it was a prosperous one,hence a time to celebrate. 
Go to fullsize imageWhy celebrate with loud noise  makers? Well to ward away the evil spirit of course! Horns, banging of the drums and noise makers where use to scare of the devil and spirits.
Resolutions on New Year was a financial one, any debt, must have been cleared by the end of the year.
Why celebrate and surround your self with those you love, to bring good luck for the reaming part of the year, some believe that even eating certain foods would do just that, foods that include, black eyed peas, legumes and donuts, I like the donut part.
Well, I think all of that is very interesting, however, I wish you all a blessed and healthy new year, from the halls of the Angel at Rose Hall, your Eureka Springs Vacation destination.

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