Thursday, January 27, 2011

Great Places in America

Selected as one of "Great Places in America" Under the subject  STREETS: Eureka Springs sited proudly with other American Cities, San Diego, California. Lawrence Kansas,and Hobken ,New Jersey.  Wow! I always knew what a treasure we have here in Eureka Springs, it is so great to finally to get the recognition and let the rest of the country know that "the streets of Eureka Springs are a get place to visit"
Spring Street is about a mile long, a winding and curving narrow street with a mixture of shops. restaurants. art galleries, quaint historic Victorian homes and Bed and Breakfast.Springs Street twists and turns and curves up and down the hill. According to our own Ken Rundle the street makes "people stop, smile, and laugh."  
Reminiscent of a ancient street you might walk on some where in Europe or in an ancient village hidden deep in a forest.  Locals are proud of their street and the happiness and life blood it provides for this town where visitors come to visit shop in the quaint one of a kind shops,visit the many art galleries , relax at the local spas and pass the day while sipping lattes at local coffee houses and celebrating at festive bars and the corner watering hole. Springs Spring is the center and heart beat of Eureka Springs.
The commercial section of Spring Street is tightly packed with Victorian style building. a wide variety of shops, restaurants, bars, art galleries and hotels. Doting the street, artificial lighting is provide through period lamp post.  The northern section of Spring Street lead to the residential section boasting the largest collection of Victorian Buildings in the Central United States. Transportation in the historic district ranges from foot, trolley and horse drawn carriage. There are no traffic lights on Springs Street, in fact their are none in the entire town.
It was by accident this boom town was created,no official planning is noted.  Springs Street combined the natural elements, landscaping, fresh water springs that dot the street and historic architecture to create a historic ambiance. The Angel at Rose Hall is locate a 2 minute walk from Springs Street. Your destination to your Eureka Springs Vacation.

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