Monday, January 10, 2011

Ghost Hunter take "Eureka Springs"

Amateur ghost hunters are welcome to a weekend of Ghost Busting fun. The Crescent Hotel, the most haunted Hotel in America, has gained notoriety because of the paranormal finding uncovered by TAPS, The Atlantic Paranormal Society. As a part of their investigation TAPS members captured through the use of thermal imaging cameras the apparition of a body in the morgue of the hotel. TV shows like SyFy Channel Ghost Hunters and the Biography Channel’s My Ghost Story, broad casted several episode featuring the Crescent Hotel and her infamous history. Key rooms used by the Norman Baker in the 1930’s in the Hotel will be open. The Crescent Hotel was used as a Cancer Hospital. Norman Baker falsely impersonated himself as a Cancer Specialist and literally experiment on the cancer patents .If you missed this event no worries you can take one of the Ghost Tours held nightly in the Hotel. This paranormal event is just one of the many unique gatherings held each and every weekend here in Eureka Springs.The Angel at Rose Hall , your Eureka Springs vacation destination is located a minutes form the hotel. If we can help you with you ghost busting search,in Eureka Springs we are up for the challenge.

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