Sunday, January 9, 2011

Eureka Springs Vacation perfect for Fitness

Fitness and Weight management is a integral element of healthy living. Even though my life is very busy and full, I do attempt to watch my waist line decrease or stay the same. 
This morning I followed and ate a low calorie diet then off to the streets for a walk / run.  I find that this alternating form of exercise is less strenuous on your body. As a veteran runner for years, I suffered my share of injures, mostly over use ones. A great way to prevent over use injury is to start with a pair of running shoes, today there are so many to select from, I generally visit the lady foot locker and ask for advise. There are many types of foot ware to select from. Ask the experts and try on a variety of shoes and she what feels best. Ok, now that you have your equipment, exercise, run, work out. I love exercising on the streets of Eureka Springs, the lovely Victorian homes and gardens, the safe streets, what else could you want? Not only are there great areas for running, there are many hiking trail through out the city,you actually could spend the entire day just walking on the many trails in Eureka Springs. If we here at the Angel at Rose Hall can help you with your Eureka Springs vacation please give us a call. We can provide you with the best up scale lodging facilities Eureka Springs has to offer.

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