Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Eureka Springs Themed Weddings

We all know that Eureka Springs has been referred to as the  Wedding Capital of the South. Where better than Eureka Springs to plan your special day.The idea of "themed' Weddings has been growing in popularity.
 Last October we host a "Pirate" themed wedding, the event turned out great, guests dressed as pirates and with a real ship's wheel in the parlor the Angel at Rose Hall was transformed into the gallery of a ship.  Other idea? Weddings that are based on the four season, have always been a great idea. Weddings based on Winter, Springs, Summer and Fall stir up some wonderful images. A Winter wedding, Christmas ornaments and trimmings, or maybe a Valentines Day Wedding, red hearts, red bow, red roses and more.  Maybe a Cinderella Wedding, I guess we all know who the Prince and Cinderella will be.  How about a Hollywood Glam theme? Mirrors, beaded gowns, black, silver, simple elegant.  Or maybe a Victorian Themed event, Victorian gown.back drop an elegant Bed and Breakfast, hey how about the Angel at Rose Hall?
There are endless ideas to ponder, so I think this requires at least a few more blog entries.  Your imagination is your only limitation.

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