Thursday, January 6, 2011

Eureka Springs does her part to save Animal

Eureka Springs is such a special place on many level, we all know how beautiful the surrounding mountainous area is. Beautiful lakes, river and miles and miles of rugged ozark mountain views. Nestled here in this natural paradise are  two safe havens for animals.
The Turpentine Creek Wildlife Preserve and the Good Shepard Animal Shelter.  The Turpentine Creek Wildlife Center was established to provide a safe haven for large cats,lions, tiger, and even bear.  They accept the animals that traditional zoos refuse to take.  Many animals are resued by situations of neglect and abuse.  Irresponsible owners may have purchased these magnificent animals as babies but were unable to continue to care for these animals once they reached full maturity.  This preserve exists Soully by the donations of the private sector. Pay avisit to Turpentine Creek, it is truly amazing to be able to view this animal so closely, basically you are separated by two rows of chain link fences, bring your camera.
The Good Shepard Animal shelter does an equally excellent job of taking care of the domesticated animal, cats, and dogs. This is a no kill shelter, so any animal brought to the Good Shepard remins untill the animal is adapted out.  Pay a visit as well, the shelter is large and the cages are very clean. filled with sweet and sad little faces. Donations are always accepted.

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