Thursday, January 6, 2011

Eureka Springs and our pets

My friend dropped her pet Hailey off at the Angel at Rose Hall this morning. Hailey is a border collie mix. who was resued by Eden many years age.  Hailey was displaced as a result of hurricane Katrine.  How heartbreaking , that a family would be forced to leave there home with out their familty pet.
Animal shelters are so important to homeless animals. Organizatiosn like the Humane Society and the ASAPC , PETA , Animal Rescue are just a few organizations that help unite displaced aminals with new and orginal owners. The animals in our lives provide us with so much happiness, animal shelters should be one of the first places we look towards when seeking an animal as a new family pets.
As you all know we here at the Angel at Rose Hall, have a beautiful chow chow named Bella, she brings so much love and happiness to our lives and those of our guests, If you are planning a vacation to Eurkea Springs contact the Angel at Rose Hall your Eureka Springs destination for upscale accomodations and the yummiest of breakfast.

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