Thursday, January 13, 2011

Eureka Springs America's Coolest Small Town

Eureka Springs,has been nominated to be one of America's Coolest Small Town. Well, those who have been to Eureka Springs can vote with confidence, that indeed it is the Coolest Town in America. Eureka Springs was selected out of 80 towns, the list got further narrowed down to just 20 cities.

Budget Travel is looking for little bit of an edge, more avant-garde than quaint finalist. The town should be in a natural setting, have get restaurants, galleries,and of course great shopping. So if you have been to Eureka Springs and would like to share with the world what we all ready know. To cast your vote for Eureka Springs visit Budget Travel. When you plan your Eureka Springs vacation please give us a call at the Angel at Rose Hall. We are centrally located in the historic district, yet the views for the mansion, make you feel like you are tucked high in the mountains.

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