Saturday, January 22, 2011

Elegant Eureka Springs Weddings

In a society where good taste, protocol and etiquette have been tossed out the window. I wonder whether if the break down of the family has lead to the lack of teaching of good taste and graces. Are families too busy to teach the importance of how to behave and treat others.
Or is social media the cause of the break down?  What ever your take on the subject, social media communities are still groups of people and good manner and etiquette is never out of style.
Most communities offer training class on social etiquette, classes for ages 8 to 80. How we treat and speak to each other in personal as well as in business settings is a reflection of who we are.  
Weddings are no different. We here at the Angel at Rose Hall strives to continue to create and honor traditional family weddings.  Our events range from lavish to simple elegance. We can create a very tasteful event no matter what the budget is.  We at the Angel at Rose Hall have managed to keep our standards at the highest levels.  We offer to you the only the finest most elegant setting for you special day. Our professional team of experts are available to you to help you select your flowers, your cake and even help with professional photography. Eureka Springs "Wedding Capital of the South" and the Angel at Rose Hall is the perfect place for your event, where you and your family will be treated with warmth, hospitality and kindness.

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