Sunday, January 30, 2011

Crystal Bridges expected to open 11/11/11

Crystal Bridges expected to open November 11,2011. The Crystal Bridge museum of American Art created to celebrate the spirit of American art will final open it doors.  There has been a great deal of interest on this new collection of American Art. The collection to include art works from the Colonial era to contemporary works of art. The museum will house the collect amassed by Wal-Mart heiress Alice Walton
 The name sake of the museum takes its influence from a natural spring and the wood and glass building created by Architect Moshe Safdie  The buildings surrounding the ponds will house galleries, classrooms and meeting rooms. Walking trails will link the museum to a near by park and to the downtown area of Bentonville.
Eureka Springs has already created a plan to have visitors to travel to Eureka Springs via our Trolley system. what a great opportunity for museum guest to travel to a real working arts community. Contact the Eureka Springs trolley for details.
What a wonderful idea to extend the arm of art and creativity from Crystal Bridges to Eureka Springs. As I discussed yesterday, Eureka Springs is a living arts community with countless galleries in town and many artist in residence in Eureka. The city of Eureka Springs and Mayor have even created an organization to help sustain the Art Community in Eureka Springs.  The many galleries in town provide the foundation and flavor in which Eureka Springs exits. Be sure to plan to attend the 12th Annual Big Glass Sale at Zarks.
Eureka Springs has been selected as one of the top 25 Art Destinations in the country for a smaller city, this is such a great award and the Eureka Springs is the perfect neighbor for the Crystal Bridges community.The Angel at Rose Hall, a Eureka Springs Bed and Breakfast and Eureka Springs Wedding Chapel is with in walking distance to many Art Galleries in town, we are a short 40 minute driving trip to Bentonville Ar, Plan your trip to Northwest Arkansas to visit and experience American Art at its finest.  

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