Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bird Watching at Hobbs State Park

Another Free Program offered by Hobbs State Park.  This program "Winter birds of Beaver Lake" will be presented at the Conservation area by author Joe Neal.

The event will be held on January 15, at 2:00pm, Mr Neal serves as the curator of Bird records, in addition Mr. Neal is an active member of the Arkansas Audubon Society, and Northwest Arkansas Audubon Society. This free presentation will focus on the winter birds that are visible at Hobbs State park Conservation area. 479-789-5000.

In addition the Hobbs State Park and  Beaver Lake tours will continue.  During winter months the lake is a wonderful place to view the American Bald Eagle.
Eureka Springs is located just a short drive to Hobbs State Park. Book a suite at the Angel at Rose Hall your Eureka Springs vacation destination and spend an afternoon at Hobbs State park.

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