Wednesday, January 26, 2011

America's most walkable city

Eureka Springs one of America's most walkable city! Congratulations Eureka Springs.  For those who have visited Eureka Springs one of the many amenities the city has to offer is how easy it is to walk through out the town.  Most of the city where the historic district is located has paved stone and concrete side walks. The town is very pedistian and bike friendly as perfect combination to welcome visitors to town. But to have been awarded this merit Eureka Springs had to meet the following criteria: 
Compact and diverse development, I would describe this as a city filled with properties and businesses that offer mixed use. In Eureka Springs you will find a cute little shop, restaurant and even art galleries next to a residence or a Bed and Breakfast.
 Places to walk, in Eureka Springs we have paved sidewalks, pedestrians paths that lead to places, shops, schools, churches, hair salons, and health spa.  
No impassable barriers: such as major highways,river and physical obstacles that prevent you from reaching your destination.
Beauty, natural and an aesthetically pleasing walk to your destination.  Well Eureka Spring is filled with those, countless walks, my favorite is from my Eureka Springs Bed and Breakfast to the down town shopping area.  To get there you need to go down Springs Street past the Fuller Cottage and then the Carnegie Library, Crescent Springs, Harding Springs,Sweeting Springs,and finally our Historic Post , Office circa Mayberry RFD.
Safety, are the drivers courteous to the pedestrians.  In Eureka Springs Springs, a cross between the Maybee RFD and Northern Exposure they certainly are, maybe it is the last remaining drop of southern charm and gentility.  Eureka Springs the Extraordinary Escape is a safe place to live, low crime rate, it is just another added bonus for living here. 

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