Thursday, January 6, 2011

Adopt at Animal Shelter

If you are looking for a new pet for your family consider visiting a shelter. There are many animal shelters in our country filled with dogs and cats just waiting to be taken home to live with you and your family.
Many shelters are not kill free facilities and must euthanasia animals that are not adopted.  Visit Animal Shelters or your local Animal Shelter for details on adoption
Petsmarts has provide a place for local animal shelters to bring and show animals in their shelters. Many Petsmarts in the U.S. have participated in this successful program.
Angel's Gate of Long Island New Year is home to over 200 seriously ill and physically challenged animals. Many of these Animal were abused and neglected.Founder Susan Marino,say that this is the last hope and chance for many of these animal.
The pet over population problem is a complex one, pet owners need to spray and nuder their pets as well as be aware of who they are buying their pet from. Puppy mills have escalated the problem of pet over population. The responsible action all pet owners need to take is neuter and spay your pet.  Many celebs have taken on this cause of neglected and unwanted pets.  Oprah and Pam Anderson have made views about animal right public and have attempted to bring light to this issue.
Oprah's story on dog adoption and puppy mills.
Our on Animal Shelter here in Eureka Springs is the Good Shepherd Animal Shelter, located a few miles from the Angel at Rose Hall, your Eureka Springs vacation destination.

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