Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Solstice - Total Lunar Eclipse 2010 - TIME-LAPSE

If were fortunate enough to have seen the Lunar Eclipse early this morning on the first day of the Winter solstice you were not alone. My guests here at the Angel at Rose Hall.

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Hall who stay in the Michael suite where not only cerebrating a birthday , but also stayed up late to watch this incredible celestial event.

The fact the both events occurred on the same day, is rare and generally occurs once in 2000 years. The next expect date for this to occur this December 21, 2094.

The top floor of the Angel at Rose Hall, most especially on the deck of the Angel Rose is the best place for sky gazing. If the night is clear you have a great view of the winter sky, and Saturn. Call if you need help planning your Eureka Springs vacation.

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