Thursday, December 30, 2010

Healthy New Year Diets

Eureka Springs has a wide variety of restaurants that offer healthy menus. When ordering remember these 5 tips. Try to fill your dinner plate with many colorful vegetable.  Veggies are fill with antioxidants.  They will fill your tummy and not your waistline.  Try to pay Mudstreet Cafe, they have a wide variety of yummy salads to order,spurge by ordering a hot coffee drink for dessert.
Snack on fruit, fresh and dry. Both are great solutions to healthy deserts.To get a healthy plate of fruit pay a visit to Inn at the Ozarks, salad bar.  Oh so good.
Next suggestion stay away from processed meat, select grilled fish, chicken breast, and veggie burger.  I suggest to visit Gaskin Cabin Steak house, they present a fabulous salmon, very tasty and lean on the waist line.
Select whole grains, wild rice,and barley. Stay away from cookie, muffins and pancakes Visit the Lovin Oven Bakeria., they have the best homemade bread in town.
Lastly,eat Breakfast, if you eat a healthy breakfast you are less likely to snack during the day. Stay at the Angel at Rose Hall and we can make sure that you eat a healthy breakfast. Planning a Eureka Springs Vacation give us at the Angel at Rose Hall a call. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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