Friday, December 3, 2010

Eureka Springs an Extraordinary getway

For those who have never traveled to Eureka Springs Arkansas you will find a treasure trove of Victorian charm  When I think our Eureka,words like " magical" and " mystical" come to mind. 
Just over 2000 "eurekan " live here in our village.  Quaint Victorian home nestled between the  carved-out-of-limestonecliffs and
Native American refer to Eureka Springs as   "America's Medicine  Teepee."  Soon, visitors were flocking to the diminutive site in pursuit of cures for a wide range of ailments. Today, seasonal migrations still swell Eureka's narrow, winding streets as tourists continue to discover the pleasures of this picturesque Victorian-era village.Visit Eureka Springs and our course the Angel at Rose Hall.

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