Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas is a gift from the Heart

There are many way to express your love to a family member during the holiday season.  I have found that the gifts that are the most meaningful are those that come from the heart.  Today I received a call and request from a guest, he said he wanted to purchase a gift certificate for his wife for a stay at the Angel at Rose Hall.  He went on to explain to that as we grow older the gifts that are the most memorable are the ones that you do not need to wrap with paper and ribbon, but are the gifts that will create a long lasting memory. I was so touched by the love this man felt for his wife I wanted to share this gift of the heart, well that is what Christmas is all about any way,  Susie at the Angel at Rose Hall, the perfect place to create memories and an Eureka Springs vacation. Let us remember the true meaning of .Christmas

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