Monday, November 8, 2010

Turpentine Creek
One of my favorite palace in Eureka Springs is the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Center.  As you know they exist on the donations of visitors.. Feed ing time is a great time to visit the cats
A couple weeks ago we introduced 4 cats into the Turpentine Creek family. On Thursday Oct 14th, we received a call from Wild Animal Safari in Strafford, MO. They were facing stricter regulations regarding fence height and due to the cost of redoing their enclosures, they opted to downsize to avoid the expense. This is not an option for our facility. We must upgrade our perimeter fence.

On Monday, October 18th Keesha, and Jesse, a male and female tiger made the trip down the Arkansas. They were not quite as calm as the ligers (Karma and Brady) when unloaded, but settle in quickly. On Wednesday, we moved the two new tigers, Keesha and Jesse, into our compound area; they are adjusting to their new human companions, but are having a little more trouble getting used to their new 4-legged neighbors. Fall is a great time to visit the cats; the weather is cooler and the cats are more active. Come say Hi to the new additions as well as the rest of the Turpentine family.

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