Saturday, November 13, 2010

Retreat at Sky Ridge

Retreat at Sky Ridge in Eureka Springs West will open the new Turtle Moon labyrinth to the community on Nov.19, 2010.
Located in a natural setting along Cedar Creek, the classic 7-circuit labyrinth design was created by Rebekah Clark of Eureka Springs and built during the Healing Path Expo recently held at the 130+ acre resort. Unlike a maze designed to hide the ultimate path destination, labyrinths are typically circular with a clear path to the center.
During a construction ceremony on 10/10/10, Kiesha Crowther, also known as “Little Grandmother”, planted sacred crystals where two ley lines meet near the Turtle Moon labyrinth. Born to the Sioux/Salish tribe, Kiesha is a shaman appointed as one of 12 “Wisdom Keepers of the World” by the Continental Council of Indigenous Elders.
Planting of sacred crystals is believed to renew and strengthen Earth’s ley lines. The “Sacred Crystals Keeper” for the new labyrinth is shaman Kit Shepperd, a Eureka Springs resident and Reiki Master teacher who specializes in alternative healing modalities.
Ms. Clark, Kit Shepperd and members of Eureka Healers will conduct a public opening ceremony to officially introduce visitors and residents to this new community resource at 5 pm on November 19.
The Turtle Moon labyrinth will be open to the public daily sunrise to sunset year round, free parking available. The Turtle Moon is about 10 minutes away from the Angel at Rose Hall

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