Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pressed Flowers

Victorian Pressed Flowers

Ok appearently can also press your flower, who knew?

The delicate art of pressing flowers dates back to our Victorian ancestors and was very fashionable among the ladies of that era. This gentle art evolved, producing modern drying techniques and chemicals for color retention. They explain that the pressed flowers will resemble a delicate painting. These designs can become precious family mementos or heirlooms that can be enjoyed for generations.
First, they photograph your bouquet for a reference.

Then they delicately preserve each flower, petal by petal with chemicals to ensure color retention. Next comes eight weeks of drying under continual pressure in our professional presses. Then once you’ve selected your frame, we open the press to reveal hundreds of colorful petals destined to comprise one keepsake. Their designers then recreate your arrangement, breathing motion and life into them. Then it’s all arranged on a museum conservation mat or fabric of your choice. Finally, non-glare glass is placed over your keepsake and then framed for years of enjoyment. As alway we are here for your wedding needs Angel at Rose Hall

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