Saturday, November 27, 2010

Giving Thanks

The point of Thanksgiving is to remember the things we have to be grateful for. It's our special time to give for the thousands of fortunate moments, the multitude of blessings that we receive each year.

Make thankfulness an everyday habit. It's a skill that will benefit you throughout the year.

Start with a gratitude journal. Think of all the good things that happened and all those in your life who might who have you joy.
Think about the animals that have given you joy: Dogs that love you with every inch of their hearts, cats that think your lap is the best place to nap in the whole world.

Think about the places that make you smile: A favorite hangout, a wooded trail, an exciting city, a great spot from which to view the sky, a hill that you once rolled down. Give thanks for all these things.

Now pass it on. True gratitude involves action. Lend a hand. Pitch in. Make a gift. Give your time. Listen. Give back as often as you can. Even a friendly greeting can make all the difference in the world. I will be there with you giving thanks Angel at Rose Hall

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