Sunday, November 14, 2010

Freeze Dried Flowers

 As I had mentioned so many Brides always ask if I have any ideas on how to preserve flowers.  Well after some searching I found so very interesting information on just that. 

According to  They explained below:

"The basic principal of freeze-drying is a vacuum chamber that slowly extracts water from the flowers. The fresh flowers are flash frozen then loaded in the freeze-drier and sealed for a period of about 10 –15 days. This process retains the original shape and color of the flower. Chemical sealants are used to preserve color, shape, and to minimize environmental damage. The result… your flowers will retain their beauty as if frozen in time as a lasting memento"

"We begin by taking a picture of your flowers. Then the arrangement is delicately separated and each flower hydrated, chemically treated, flash frozen and then the drying process begins. Once the flowers are dried and you’ve made your keepsake selection, we recreate your original arrangement or create a miniature to place in your chosen keepsake container."

I think this is a great idea.  Please keep my posted if any one had this process done. As always we are here for you all my sweet Brides at Angel at Rose Hall.

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