Thursday, November 25, 2010

Food and Cash Collected for Flint Street Food Pantry

A special thanks to Focker's Grocery,  Rogue's Manor, The Pied Piper Inn ,Cathouse Lounge,Grand Taverne, Ermilio's, Roadhouse, Chelsea's, Inn of the Ozarks, Angler's Grill,  Crescent Hotel, Stone House, Shawbee's, Rockin' Pig, and  Fire House Pub,Fatima and Latigo Treuer.

For years the Pied Piper and Cathouse Lounge have collected food for the Fint Street Pantry. This year nearly eight hundred pounds of food and well over a thousand dollars in cash was collected for Flint Street.

To say thanks to these very generous restaurants,please pay them a visit next time you are in Eureka Springs.

Most of the restaurants are in the Historic District in downtown Eureka, a short walk for the Angel at Rose Hall.

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