Thursday, November 4, 2010

Experience Arkansas Music with American Folk Instruments!

Children experience traditional Arkansas music while playing American folk instruments at the Ozark Folk Center.Music occupies very special places in the hearts of Ozark Mountain folk. The songs of the south and the folk dance tunes of the region provide a looking glass offering a treasured glimpse of history of American folk music in Arkansas. The fiddle and banjo were favorite sources of entertainment for pioneer settlers, and these two popular American folk instruments still sing out among the sounds one hears today when visiting the beautiful Ozarks. Guitars, mandolins, dulcimers, autoharps and other acoustic instruments join to create the old-time music that is still enjoyed to this very day in scenic Mountain View, the heart of the Ozark folk music scene.
American folk musicians of regional and national renown perform at the Ozark Folk Center's evening concert programs as well as entertaining park visitors during daylight hours. The Folk Center is proud to offer fine instructional music events in addition to highly entertaining concerts, including Arkansas music programs such as the Annual Dulcimer Jamboree, Folk Dance Days, String Band Week and the Annual Autoharp Workshop.
The Ozark Folk School offers non-competitive learning experiences in traditional crafts as well as music, and there's more! Our tribute events honor Southern music legends Merle Travis, Jimmy Driftwood, Grandpa Jones and Jimmie Rodgers. Celebrity concerts and other special Arkansas music events feature Irish dance and music, Appalachian clogging, folk humor and storytelling, and the lore of the Cowboy. The Arkansas State Old Time Fiddle Contest is a favorite annual occasion. The American Roots Music Concert Series features contemporary and traditional performers that represent not only where American folk music has been, but also where it's going.
Come join us for an American Ozark folk music concert or learn to play a traditional folk instrument in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. You'll find out why so many people love to visit the Ozark Folk Center again and again.

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