Saturday, November 6, 2010

"Eureka Springs" Auditorium

As we know tonight in the city's Auditorium the fianl chapter of hte 63RD Ozark Folk Festival will be headlining act "Eliza Gilkyson" But what is the story of our city Auditorium?
 1928, Mayor Claude A. Fuller’s dream of a new era for Eureka Springs began with the construction of a facility appropriate to the needs and expectations of visitors wanting not only beautiful scenery but also the finest, most current entertainment available. The first performance in The Auditorium was John Phillip Sousa and his 67-piece band. That performance paved the way for Eureka Springs to house the “stars” of today. Join us on Sunday September 13th for the 80th anniversary celebration and open house of the Eureka Springs City Auditorium. Enjoy a tribute to John Phillip Sousa's premier concert by the Ozark Mountains British Brass Band. Festivities begin at 2:00 pm.

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