Monday, November 1, 2010

Eliza Gilkyson

"Eliza Gilkyson writes songs for the soul." --Tower Pulse

The songs on Pilgrims (1987) tell the story of a quest. "Calling All Angels" is an invocation to a higher order in this time of imbalance. "Shadows and Footprints" is a warning about the state of nature. "Material Man" is Pilgrims CD coverabout man out of touch with his inner female, as "Foolish Heart" shows us woman out of touch with her inner male. "Mister Mystery" and "Pilgrims" tell of the search for union while "My Baby is a Universe" is human love found. "One Heart in Time" tells of love's power to restore hope and bring change. Yet inevitably this journey leads back to ourselves, as "Closer" reminds us that the path is internal and individual.
If you have not made plan to see this talented singer, tickets are still available.  The show promises to be a great one.

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