Saturday, November 6, 2010

Calling all angels.....................

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Calling all angels, put down your disguise,
Unveil your hearts, wipe the sleep from your eyes;
 are falling ... lost in the garden.
Calling all angels, this is Starseed Command,
We've misused our freewill and we messed with The Plan;
We are falling ... lost in the garden.
Falling like gold leaves in autumn,
Falling with hardly a sound;
Oh, sorrow and sickness are upon us,
The darkness is pulling us down
... Won't you save us?
Calling all angels, we're sad and alone,
We wandered too far, now it's time to come home;
We are falling ... lost in the garden.
Separation has bonded me with gravity,
Hesitation has robbed me of my throne;
Liberation is my soul's sweetest destiny,
My heart wants to fly away home;
I want to play through the ages,
And make the changes
.. Like the angels.
Calling all angels, if you're out on patrol,
We're armed and we're dangerous, spinning out of control;
We are falling ... lost in the garden
.. Lost in the heavens.
Calling all angels ... Calling all angels ...
Calling all angels ...
By Eliza Gilkyson from her CD "Pilgrims" (See Below)
Eliza Gilkyson made her musical debut with the album Pilgrims (1987) and the selections tell the story of a quest. Occasionally, a song comes out which is so compelling that it remains in memory for a lifetime. "Calling All Angels" is such a song. Its message is essential for our lives, as an invocation to a higher order in a time of imbalance. As a top Triple-A single "Calling All Angels" first began to attract fans to Eliza. The other music on this album are also excellent, with multi-layered lyrics and Eliza's incredible voice which will make you want to hear it over and over. Born in Hollywood but raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Eliza is a third generation artist. Her father, Terry Gilkyson, is also a singer/songwriter. She lived in New Mexico for several years and recorded folk music, then spent some time in Europe recording with new age harpist Andreas Vollenweider. Eliza says, "I believe music is a life path that you go down. It forces you to learn stuff about yourself that you wish you didn't have to learn."
By Eliza Gilkyson

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