Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Angels of Today

This is for those Angel people. Angels are among the unseen in the "all that is, seen and unseen" that the Nicene Creed says the Father created.

Angel Statue (Baroque) (Tiquetonne2067) Tags: portrait sculpture friedhof art church beautiful cemetery grave graveyard statue angel dark photography wings artwork heaven artistic god ange headstone faith prayer religion cementerio tomb tombstone gothic statues graves christian escultura angels gravestone demon christianity angelo cemitrio engel protection mystic guardian anjo dieu demons  tombe cimitero cimetire angeli tombeau ailes ngel  cementerios  cimiteri cimetires  They don't decay or die, since they are spiritual beings. They exist to praise God and to bear the message and task for which God sends them, including to us humans. They can think and hold conversations, and they have their own identity.

And they appear to people of all religions, even those of no religion at all, when God wants them to listen. Noone can prove angels exist; they are, after all, spiritual beings and don't fit into material-world rules. But those who have a strong sense of spirituality tend to believe angels are real, and sometimes experience their presence.

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