Monday, November 22, 2010

Angels Messengers of God

The word Angel has come downThe word of God tells us that, the angels, human beings, and all nature were created by God. With the words, "In the beginning God created Heaven and earth" (Gen. 1:1), 

 The angels were already present during the creation of the starry skies, which is evidenced by the words of God spoken to Job, "When the stars were created, all My angels sang praises to Me" (Job 38:7).

I have to be honest I have many guests to have selected the Angel at Rose for their stay and or Wedding because of their interst in Angels.  To you my guests, I share that interest as well. 

Cemetery 9797 (casch52) Tags: light shadow sculpture cemetery grave graveyard statue angel clouds mississippi orleans louisiana cross neworleans cemetary dramatic shade marble interview metairie explorer244 explorer13 familygettyOver the years I have shared your stories of your encounters with Angels. For this I so appreciate.  God had comtinued to blessed me with your stories, of which I am grateful.  Stay in close to God and in prayer, and keep your eyes open for the unexpected.

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