Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall Color in Eureka Springs

Look for splashes of red in your favorite area of green hardwoods. Here's a short list of foliage that changes early in Arkansas, and the color(s) they are likely to display: blackgum (red), hickory (yellow), sassafras (red, orange, or yellow), sweetgum (red, yellow, or purple), red maple (red, yellow, or orange), dogwood (brownish red), poison ivy and poison oak (red), sumac (red), and buckeye (red).
Autumn in Arkansas is anything but one-dimensional with a bumper crop of fall festivals and special events, the flamboyant fall foliage, the harvest season, and the crisper, downward turn of temperatures. The most popular way to enjoy the splashy color of autumn in Arkansas is just to get out and do it.
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