Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Crescent's sister hotel, the 1905 Basin Park is also said to be haunted.

According to town history, by 1880 an elegant, 4-story hotel known as the Perry House was built on the site of the healing spring which gives Eureka its name. Like most other buildings in Eureka at that time, the Perry House was built completely out of wood and by 1890 it had fallen victim to one of the four fires that completely leveled Eureka Springs to the ground. By 1895, William Duncan organized capital stock necessary to build the Basin Park Hotel on the site of the former Perry House. Following the lead of the Crescent Hotel, it was decided to use local limestone to build the hotel. In the 10 years it took to build the property, Duncan overextended his interest in the project and bankrupted the Citizens Bank and almost every other investor. The hotel finally opened in 1905. Duncan died in 1907 but it is believed that he continues to roam the hotel in his trademark brown suit and derby.
There are Arkansas legends about visitors who checked into the hotel but never really left. Perhaps you'll see the ballroom dancers from some long-ago Barefoot Ball...or the pretty young girl in a long white dress who still waits for her groom. You may even hear the bells of the slot machines ringing in the illegal gambling parlor of the 40s and 50s. While exploring the haunted hallways, visitors may view the spirit of the lion ghost... or a young woman who tries to evict tenants from "her" room. There's also a chance of seeing the cowboy who still roams silently through the rooms and halls of the hotel, perhaps looking for one last drink to wash away the trail dust.

Guided ghost tours are given at each property. More information is available on

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